General terms of sale

Article 1- Contract

The general terms and conditions of sale indicate the reciprocal rights and obligations of Bordeaux Greetings, website, on the one hand, and its customer on the other hand.
The general terms and conditions of sale have the value of a contract approved by both parties at the time of the written order confirmation sent by the customer. (see article 4).

Article 2 – Services

Bordeaux Greetings undertakes to carry out the service ordered in the conditions agreed with the client: itinerary and content of the visit, dates, times, meeting places, end of service and price. The services offered include guided tours, day and half-day excursions, escorts, transfers and conferences.

Articles 3- Rates

They are in euros.
The transfer and provision rates are fixed and applicable according to the price list. They correspond
to a price per vehicle, whatever the number of people.
The transfer rate applies only from the pick-up point to the arrival point. Any delay during the pick-up
is charged except for departures from the airport or train station only if the delay is less than 30
minutes. The prices quoted include the driver, the vehicle, fuel and insurance for the persons
transported. They are inclusive of all taxes. The amount of luggage is only and solely related to the
capacity of the vehicle. Parking and toll charges not initially included in the journey are at the
customer’s expense.
The rates for guided tours and sightseeing excursions are applicable according to the price list. For
sightseeing tours, the rate is a rate per vehicle, regardless of the number of people.
For bespoke tours, the final price is agreed with the customer after the service has been personalized.
It is calculated in euros and is shown on the order confirmation and final invoice.

Article 4- Order Confirmation

A written confirmation of order is requested from the customer for any service in the form of a free estimate including obligatorily the coordinates of the customer, those of the person in charge of the group present during the visit, the dates, the schedules and the contents of the visits, the total price. The order confirmation is only final when the written, dated and signed document is sent with the deposit due.

Article 5- Deposit

A deposit of at least 50% of the total amount due is required for each service. The reception of this deposit is a final confirmation of the order placed by the customer. The deposit must be paid at the latest fifteen calendar days before the date of the service. The customer has the possibility of paying the totality of the service with the order.

Article 6- Overtime hours

Additional hours not provided for in the order will be invoiced at a rate of 50 euros per hour.

Article 7- Meal Allowance

For services of more than four hours, there is an additional charge of 20 euros for the guide’s meal expenses (or chauffeur) if the guide is not invited to eat with the client free of charge.

Article 8- Payment

Payment of the service can be made by bank transfer. Bank details are provided with the quote and the total invoice. Client who have already paid a deposit must pay in full on the first day of the service if this has not already been done. This payment can be maid by credit card by cash.

Concerning the partner agencies, according to the law, the payment of the total amount of an invoice must be settled within 30 calendar days after the date of the service.

Article 9- Late payment

In the event of an invoice not being paid in full within thirty calendar days of the invoice date, a penalty of 15% of the total amount of the invoice will be charged to the customer without any reminder being issued. Any sum not paid at its due date will also automatically result in the payment of a fixed indemnity of forty euros due for collection costs (Articles 441-6, l paragraph 12 and D.441-5 of the Commercial Code).

Article 10- Resolutive Clause

In case of non-payment of the deposit within the given time limit, Bordeaux Greetings reserves the right to cancel the service. If an invoice is not paid within forty-five calendar days following the date of the service, Bordeaux Greetings may claim damages.

Article 11- Change of service

A modification of the service initially planned can be requested by the customer. This one will be the subject of a new estimate which will have to be approved by the customer. The late modifications will not be the subject of a new estimate, the exchanges of mails will have legal value in the event of litigation. The modifications will be carried out within the limits of the possibilities (cf. article 16).

Article 12- Assignment of services

Unless otherwise requested, Bordeaux Greetings can entrust a service to a colleague if necessary.

Article 13- Cancellation of service

The deposit paid is due in full in case of cancellation by the client.
The totality of the price of the service is due in case of cancellation 72h before the service.
These cancellation conditions are valid whatever the reason for the cancellation.
Bordeaux Greetings will refund the deposit in case of cancellation by the client.

Article 14- Punctuality

Bordeaux Greetings cannot be held responsible for a reduction in the duration of the scheduled service in the event of a delay on the part of the client and no discount will be granted as a result.

Article 15- Responsibility

Bordeaux Greetings cannot be held responsible for any damage or deterioration caused by the client and his group during the service (damage caused on a third party, damage caused on oneself, works and premises of museums, elements of an architectural site for example).

Article 16- In case of force majeure

In application of article 1148 of the French Civil Code, Bordeaux Greetings cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control (changes to the service due to unforeseen circumstances, unexpected closure of a site, group comfort conditions, lack of parking space, accidents, weather conditions, etc.).